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Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

For our English speaking friends...

We've reached or newest goal!
20,000 visitors since we founded this blog in August 2011.
Thanks a million for all your visits on our blog.
We really appriciate that we've visitors from all continents and regions.
As a kind of "Thank-You-Gift" we've provided again
two brand-new photo-tutorials for our faithful visitors.
You can find and download those tutos for free HERE.
Although they are written in English several not-German-speaking-friends
told us that they are easy to follow. Please try it.
If you have any problems with one of the tutos, please feel free to ask me,
by writing a comment or even contact me by email
If you made something after our tutos or you were inspired by them
don't hesitate to send us a photo of the finished project.
We would love to share it on our blog.
Greetings from Germany
Eva and Gaby


  1. Evi a Gaby, velká gratulace! 20 tisíc návštěv, to je sen snad každého blogaře. Krásný blog, moc příjemné prostředí, proto se vůbec nedivím, že je tolik navštěvovaný. Ostatně - já se určitě budu také vracet (navíc si procvičím němčinu) ;-).Vivi

  2. Hallo Vivi,
    děkujeme za gratulace a komentuj klidně častěji, já si touto cestou pak procvičím Češtinu.


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